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Sara is an empathic leader, mental health futurist, and practitioner in psychedelic-assisted therapy. She has spent her early career examining the ways culture influences how we diagnose and treat mental illnesses.

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Born and raised in a country town in the Southeast
United States, my community-centered upbringing
informs my ideas around accessibility and belonging. I divinely stumbled into work as a therapist about 9 years ago and have spent most of this journey doing my own healing work and exploring what it means to be mentally healthy and mentally ill. 
As a mental health futurist, I continuously reimagine what mental wellness can look like using the technology we have in this era- both digital and ancient.

I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist by training and currently work as a psychedelic research therapist and facilitator. My deepest passion in life is to be a mother and return to simple living in the country. Until that happens, I’ll be recovering from perfectionism, advocating for the therapeutic use of ketamine, and trying to keep my plants alive.

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Photo credit: Jessie White, of Jes-See Photography

Image of the solar eclipse in my hometown, Hopkinsville, KY

 August 2017


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Check out these services to learn more about how I show up in the public facing world. 

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Complete an informational and book me for podcasts, interviews, and more.

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Case studies, 1:1 anti-racism coaching, and EDI strategic planning for businesses.

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Join me for a retreat experience with these 2 fabulous organizations-  Kiyumi and Psychedelic Liberation Training 

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Interested in learning more about cultural sensitivity in psychedelic research? Learn More 



Science-based treatment for mood disorders using psychedelics.

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What I’ve been up to

I’ve joined the team at Imperial College London as the lead study therapist for their psilocd research trials. Learn more about the Centre for Psychedelic Research here.

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Watch my 2 minute clip in the documentary, "Can Psychedelics Cure," and learn about MDMA therapy and the importance of culturally sensitive music.

Follow this documentary, A Table of Our Own, and support the work of filmmakers who captured some sweet and educational moments with medicine folk, artists, researchers, and luminaries in Black Psychedelia.

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