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Welcome to The Path to Culturally Responsible Care in Psychedelic Therapy

A 5-Part E-Learning Skills Building Course Series

Fostering Culture Sensitivity, Building an Inclusive Model.

Understanding and respecting cultural differences isn't just valuable- it's essential. This course series is designed to equip you with knowledge and skills necessary to navigate cross-cultural interactions with confidence and sensitivity in the context of psychedelic therapy

Why Cultural Sensitivity Matters

In the realm of psychedelic therapy, ethical care extends beyond the clinical setting; it requires an in-depth understanding of and respect for the cultural backgrounds of those we serve. This course delves into the critical importance of cultural sensitivity, ensuring that therapists can provide care that acknowledges and respects the diverse lived experiences of their clients.

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What You'll Learn



Foundations of Culturally Responsible Care

  • Intro & Welcome: Discover the origin of  psychedelic-assisted therapy and define culturally responsible care.

  • Top 6 Questions: Address common queries  for both participants and therapists about psychedelic therapy

  • Learning Objectives Cover essentials such as the self of the therapist, working accessibly with ketamine and building a safe container.



Building A Relational Container

  • Therapist Perspectives: Explore how personal experiences with MDMA influence therapeutic practices.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Examine provider biases and the cultural factors shaping psychedelic experiences.

  • Cross-Cultural Considerations: Learn about culturally sensitive assessments and working across cultures.




Preparation for the Facilitator

  • Beyond PAT Trainings: Uncover aspects of ethical awareness, fears, desires, and exploring personal triggers not typically taught in PAT trainings.

  • Vulnerability & Triggers: Practical exercises for working with your vulnerabilities and triggers in therapy sessions.



Skill Building Practices for Psychedelic Sessions

  • Preparation & Evaluations: Guidelines for preparation and medical evaluations before ketamine sessions.

  • Dosing and Integration: Insights into dosing sessions, music selection, and creative integration techniques.

  • Accessibility & Affordability: Tips for making psychedelic therapy accessible and affordable.



 Case Vignettes

  • Navigating Breakthroughs: Strategies for helping clients integrate and metabolize profound therapeutic experiences.

  • Why Choose This Course

  • Expert-Led Content: Learn from seasoned professionals and cultural experts with years of experience. ***

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in multimedia modules, quizzes, and case studies for a dynamic learning experience.

  • Flexible Learning: Access the course at your convenience and pace, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.


Join Us on the Journey

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards mastering culturally sensitive care in psychedelic therapy? Enroll now and begin fostering inclusion, building meaningful relationships, and thriving in our interconnected world.

Special Launch Pricing

Launch Phase Offer

Enroll within the first 3 months and be part of our pioneering group of 200 participants. The first 20 participants to sign up will receive the entire course bundle for an exclusive price of $---.

Regular Pricing

The complete course is available for $225-625, including 3 months? of access to enriching content, interactive quizzes, and an active community. Single video access is priced at $65 per video for those who prefer a more flexible approach.

Lifetime Access

For an additional fee, gain lifetime access to the course, including quarterly interviews with industry experts like Charlotte James, David Erritzoe, and access to [other perks like consultation by you?]. This option is perfect for those who seek continuous learning and professional development. **can adjust this with CE opportunities down the line

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